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Team Trinity

Worship /
Christian Formation

Team Lead: Kyle Bennett

                   Donna Hutchings

                   Russell Tanner

                   Brent Benvenutti

                   Callie Benvenutti


Christian formation is the lifelong process of growing in our relationship with God, self, others, and all creation. Every experience in our lives can provide us with the opportunity to express our faith; the challenge we face is recognizing these opportunities and learning ways to live a sometimes countercultural life in a secular world.


This ministry of caring is at the heart of the church's life. It may include hospital visitation, counseling, and ministries of shared presence, listening, and support. Pastoral care can refer to the ministries of hospital chaplains, pastoral counselors and therapists, social workers, and other professionals who serve in the name of the church. It also includes parish ministries of clergy and laity who respond to human need.

Pastoral Care

Team Lead: Bonnie St. Paul

                   Henry Laird

                   Diann Hightower

Building & Grounds

Team Lead: Bill Hightower

                   Lou Rizzardi

                   Fred Tagge

                   Oliver Young

                   Diann Hightower

                   Mark Ashley


We are responsible for maintenance and improvements to the church building (inside and out) and grounds.


Hospitality means welcoming the 'other' into your heart - whether the other is another person, or an idea or belief that is different than yours.  It can even take the form of welcoming the strangers we discover within ourselves - things like attitudes, habits or shortcomings we don't particularly like having. So while hospitality can mean accepting other people, it can also mean accepting yourself, just the way you are. 


Team Lead: Lin Burdette

                   Sandra Shellnut

                   Wilma Rizzardi

                   Alice Russell


Team Lead: Mark Ashley

                   Paul Ellis

                   Lisa Pinkowski


Stewardship is about being grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts we receive from God. Stewardship is more than simply contributing money to the church; it’s also about contributing time and talents, and volunteering for ministry and mission. It’s about reaching out to build relationships from a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity.


Reaching out supports a diverse array of charitable organizations, many of which are local but some have national and international scope. Irrespective of the people or region benefited, the organizations exist to help and improve peoples’ lives and is committed to provide ongoing support.

Reaching Out

Team Lead: Jeanne Goff

                   Diann Hightower

                   Janet Gordon


Team Lead: Russell Tanner

                   Michael Broussard

                   Deacon Rick Devenport

                   Donna Hutchings

                   Wendy Nelson



Communications will compile and create internal and external communication that compels members and others to become interested in participating in the church and its many activities.

You are invited to all aspects of this church.

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