Welcome Home –
Good people of Trinity, per Bishop Seage all public worship and gatherings are to be suspended in the Diocese of Mississippi until further notice. This includes all scheduled meetings.
Conversations will not be suspended.
Relationships will not be suspended.
Love will not be suspended.
Songs will not be suspended.
Prayer will not be suspended.
Reading will not be suspended.
Self-care will not be suspended.
Compassion will not be suspended.
Hope will not be suspended.
Life will not be suspended.
May we lean into the good stuff that remains. I have heard the analogy that we are in the possible path of a stalled offshore hurricane where all we want is to get it over with. It’s times like these that gives us choices. When we are confronted with the most fundamental question: what’s important to me? Given all the choices in the world, what do I want to do now? This very moment?
 A few constructive suggestions in these unprecedented times.

  1. Replace overindulgence in TV, and internet with a quick visit to the CDC’s website for accurate updates on best care practices for self, family and community. https://www.cdc.gov/.

  2. Avoid the urge to stockpile unnecessarily. You might be depriving someone in need of the basics.

  3. Call a senior in your life, just to show you care.

  4. Consider buying a gift certificate from a worthy local shop, business or restaurant forced to close its doors. Extended community matters.

  5. Please remember so support your church. More people will be in need of resources that will likely deplete the discretionary fund.

  6. Include a short gratitude list at bedtime.

  7. Reassure children and kiss your dog, cat or goldfish.

  8. And of course, DANCING is always a good idea.

The church is not closing. We will try our best keep the doors open. I will be opening the doors this Sunday from 8 -11 for those who may want to pray in private or for those who may not get the message, or visitors who happen to show up. My cell phone is 239-784-2023.

                                                                              I love you,

a note From our Rector


Welcome Home!


We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, LBGTQ, straight, filthy rich or dirt poor.  We welcome crying babies, active toddlers, and people who should wear their hearing aids but don’t want to.  We extend a special welcome to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet, and to teenagers who are growing up too fast.  We welcome keep-fit moms, football dads, yogis, wisdom bearers, starving artists, crying babies, restless toddlers, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians and junk-food eaters. You are loved here as a person, respected as a person and invited as a person to manifest that love and respect into the world. We are a community of Christ radical inclusion and compassion.


You’re welcome here if you’re “just browsing,” just woke up or just got out of prison. We welcome those who like to dress up as well as those who want to be casual. We will never tell you what is right or wrong. We will embrace you with all our faults, all our failures, and all our brokenness. We will walk with you and try to be faithful. We will promise a dedication to the gospel the good news of Christ so when you come here you know that this is a public place where all invited. Trinity is also a social place where all will find within our community a place to bring and share your gifts. Trinity is a personal place where you are invited to be yourself.  Trinity is a place of intimacy where you are invited to dream, to wonder, to ask, to seek, and  to know that you are valued.


The center of our expression is not the priest (so if I have not yet I will disappoint you, I will anger you, I will not live up to your expectations.)  I am called to preach a transformative Gospel; public, social, personal and intimate. I will walk humbly with you.


The expression of our love is the Table. We break bread and we share a common cup as equals, as beloved of Christ. I will never do justice to your sacrifice, your dedication, I will never say thank you enough. But it’s not about me, it’s about you and how you love and are loved in this place and around this Table. With a grateful heart, you are invited into the transformation that happens through deeply personal participation.  We welcome you find abundant ways of expressing yourself in the love of God.


We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, had religion shoved down your throat, or got lost driving along the beach and ended up here by mistake. We welcome those who are in recovery or still addicted.  No prerequisites exist for participation in our community. We are a place respecting the dignity of every human being.


We welcome you to a community of God’s grace. A place where you can be yourself, a place where you don’t have to be afraid. We believe in the goodness of God and all of God’s creation. We seek to be a community of encouragement.


We welcome tourists, seekers and doubters…and you, because we are all children of one Father.


I love you, Kyle

Rick Nelson Feb 2019 From the Pass Harbo

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