Our Vestry

Jeanne Goff


I am originally from New Orleans, attended Catholic school and church my entire life.  Church was always present but never as personally meaningful to me as Trinity is to me now.  Perhaps that has a lot to do with my age and stage of life.  Someone once introduced themselves to me by stating that they were a “giver”.  I had never really considered what description I would give myself but that pretty much sums it up.  Giving and taking care of others is what gives me purpose.  As a newly appointed Vestry member I am learning how to give my time and energy to the church as a whole and to be a part of our growth and change.  As part of the Outreach team I am excited about the opportunities to interact with our community and spread some Trinity love.

Jeanne Goff

Senior Warden

James Drennan

I am originally from Texas . I relocated to Pass Christian Mississippi five years ago due to a job change . After visiting several churches I visited Trinity Episcopal Church and I knew right away Trinity is the church for me. 

James Drennan

Junior warden

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Sheryl Baltar


A resident of Pass Christian. MS and a member of Trinity Church since 1993, Sheryl grew up in Metairie, LA, attended St. Martin’s Episcopal School beginning in Kindergarten and graduating in 1962. Notably, The Revered John Stone Jenkins - who many of you know- was the beloved Chaplain during her high school years at STM.  Receiving a BS degree in Marketing from Louisiana State University Sheryl went on to begin her career working in marketing for Shell Oil Company in New Orleans for 6 years. Today she is a member of The Pass Christian Yacht Club, The Pass Christian Historical Society, The National Realtors Association and The International Live Events Association.

She has two sons, Billy and Paul who both live in Pass Christian along with two grandsons who attend Pass Christian High School and a granddaughter who lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Her career path evolved into event planning in late 1979 where she was Corporate Marketing Director for an international sports tour operator responsible for developing and operating corporate incentive programs for group travel to major sporting events throughout the world including but not exclusive to The Super Bowl, Final Four, Kentucky Derby, World Series, Indy 500, NBA Finals, World Cup and The Olympics.

In the late eighties, Sheryl opened an event planning company, Creative Events, focusing on social events in New Orleans while developing special event programs and fund raisers in the Southeast for a variety of corporate clients including The Republican Senatorial Committee, The Mississippi Division of Tourism, and The San Destin Hilton along with numerous associations and businesses. Retiring from the corporate world following Katrina in 2005, Sheryl became a licensed Realtor in the State of Mississippi and still loves to dabble in party planning on The Gulf Coast and in New Orleans.

Sheryl Baltar
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Gail Wambsgans


Originally from Detroit, Michigan, I was one of five children whose father was an Episcopal Priest.  My dad was from Yonkers, NY and mom was from Springfield, MA so we spent many summers out East visiting relatives.  I have a B.S. degree in Human Resources Management from Oakland University.  Most of my career was in the automotive sector, retiring from a global manufacturing automotive supplier in 2017.  My husband, Fabian, had moved to Michigan in the early 70’s having grown up in The Pass.  My first trip to Pass Christian was in 1987 when we visited my in-laws who still had the Wambsgans’ Bakery on Davis Ave.


 We really connected with The Pass again when we vacationed here at two different VRBO’s starting in 2014.  After four years of visiting and dreaming about a more permanent move, we purchased a home, and became residents of Pass Christian in January 2019.  Fabian had talked about Trinity Episcopal Church several times in the past, having remembered Rev. Durrie Hardin as the Rector, so I was interested in Trinity from the start.  After visiting Trinity’s website, I knew this was the church for me.  Trinity parishioners welcomed me enthusiastically from my very first Sunday service, and I now call Trinity my home. 


Trinity is opening my heart and life as never before.  I’m finding ways to serve God through several opportunities and ministries that Trinity has to offer.  As a Vestry Member, I pray to serve Trinity’s congregation with love and leadership that will help support Trinity’s mission and ministry.

Gail Wambsgans

Lesley Bullock

Our family moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in June 1973, where we soon became members of Trinity Church.  I have many fond memories growing up in the “Trinity Family”, being lifelong friends with members’ kids and a true feeling of home every time I walk through the doors.

When I decided to move my kids back to the Gulf Coast we looked around and “sampled” several different episcopal churches before ultimately deciding that Trinity was, in fact our true home. 

As a single mother working full time, most of my volunteer work has revolved around what my girls were doing and where they were in their lives.  I have been involved in fundraising for Coast Episcopal Schools, I was on the booster club board for the Pass High Cross Country and Track team, I volunteered my time to the Pass High tennis team and their fundraising efforts and I also thoroughly enjoy the off-loading of pumpkins for the Trinity Pumpkin Patch.  Now that my girls are off kind of on their own, I believe I have the time and focus to be a valuable member of the Vestry. 
Many thanks for your consideration!

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Leslie Bullock

Kathleen Sharp Theriot

I was born and raised in New Orleans and moved to the Coast in 1984 with my husband, Donald Theriot, who is now deceased. Here we raised three children - John Eastman, who lives in Houston; Whitney Miller, who lives in Pass Christian; and Elizabeth Theriot, who lives in New York City. Over the past 36 years, I have participated in many volunteer organizations and served on several boards. I am a past vestry member of St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Long Beach, MS. I have been a member of the board at Coast Episcopal School for over 12 years and have headed several of their large fundraising events. More recently, I have also started working for the Boys & Girls Club. I am happy to be back at Trinity Church with Father Kyle and look forward to getting involved.

Kathleen Sharp Theriot

​Frank Cuervo

“I am a Wizard! I can do anything, fix anything, solve any problem!”

Not really! I wish it were true, but I am only human. However, I do have an engineering and scientific background and I am a problem solver. I have many years of experience in R&D, technical management and customer applications. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you approach any situation, any problem, with love and care for others and not being concerned about who gets credit for the results, since most good outcomes are due to effective teamwork. With God’s help, I will bring this attitude and approach to my tenure on the Vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church.

My main area of interest, as a member of the Vestry, would be Pastoral Care. I have been a member of the Trinity Vestry before, as well as in leadership positions in 3 other churches. I know very well how important Pastoral Care is to the spiritual life and wellbeing of a congregation. I am a Diocesan Worship Leader and Eucharistic Visitor. I feel privileged to be able to visit those in hospital or housebound and bring Communion to them. It can’t describe how grateful and spiritually uplifted are those receiving the elements when they cannot attend Church. And so am I in serving them!

I also believe that there are other activities necessary for excellent Pastoral Care. An active Committee of dedicated parishioners is essential. We need to explore and expand mentoring, house and hospital visits, prayer chain, food for those ill or recovering, rides if they are needed, etc. In other words, love your neighbor as you love yourself.

My other interests are my wonderful family, fishing, photography, cooking and, not least, the love and fellowship of our great congregation.

I hope that you will trust me to serve you as a member of the Trinity Church Vestry.

Frank Cuervo
Frank Cuevo Picture 2019_edited.jpg

Lisa Pinkowski

I’ve been asked many times over the last ten years: “How did you ever end up in Mississippi?!”  Short answer: I drove south until I reached Gulf of Mexico … then I turned right. Of course, life is a bit more complicated than that. Faulkner said: “To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” Ah… but explaining Mississippi is a whole other thing.  I first time came here in 2006 was as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer working on the Katrina Recovery. There were 17 of us from N.E. PA in a dilapidated old church van that broke down in Pelham, Alabama. We were helped on our way by the Pelham Fire Department, who refused to even let us pay for the new parts they installed on the van. The chief had been in Biloxi volunteering after the storm, and he still felt a strong affinity for the folks on the coast. He told us to give the money ($103) where it was needed in Mississippi. During that week, my team and I visited several fire departments that had been heavily damaged, some still operating with borrowed equipment. We told them about being rescued by the Pelham FD and that we wanted to pay it forward and help them in some way. They wouldn’t hear of it. They told us to treat ourselves to dinner as their thanks for our coming to help. In the end, we left the money in the collection plate at the church (also badly damaged) where we’d been invited to worship. When I try to explain living in Mississippi to my northern friends/family, I tell them that story and others like it that show the generous, tireless, and unbreakable spirit of my southern neighbors—people who stuck around, stuck together, and stuck it out. I show them breathtaking pictures (mostly taken by Alex North) of our beautiful beaches and bayous and the wildlife that inhabits them. I talk about the wonderful things there are to do, to see, and especially to EAT! Whether it’s a festival, concert, craft show, art show, or sporting event, there is literally always something going on. And I brag about all the incredibly talented people I’ve met—artists, writers, sculptors, musicians, actors, craftsman, etc. We have five community theaters and a symphony, y’all!  I say, “Trust me… if you get bored or go home hungry, it’s your own fault.” And, of course, I tell them about my amazing Trinity family and how much of a blessing you have all been in my life these past four years. I tell them all this and more, but they just shrug and say, “Whatever makes you happy, Lisa.” Back in 2006, when I crossed into the state on I-10 for the first time, the welcome sign read:  Mississippi … It’s like coming home. I made ten more volunteer trips over the next three years before deciding to stay in 2009, and each time I pointed the car south, I grew to feel that more and more. We may have changed our state motto, but the sentiment still holds true. Mississippi…. It’s like coming home … and now, for me, it is home. Thanks y’all!

Lisa Pinkowski
Susan Gavin

Susan Gavin


Douglas and I met and married in New Orleans in 1976.  In 1981 we moved to Texas where we lived for 37 years and there raised our son, JB (born on Christmas Day, 1989).  For ten years I was a stay-at-home mom.  My professional career found me working in administration, customer service and project management in the commercial furniture industry for 17 years.  Most recently, I worked with the National Marrow Donor Program in Houston for ten years until I retired in January 2018.  During our time in Texas, I served as Sr. Warden and Jr. Warden at our church and also served on our Search Committee when we were seeking a new Rector and the Building Committee to determine a master plan for our campus.  I was also active, at different times, in choir, altar guild, teaching Godly Play in Sunday school, teaching the Safeguarding God's Children curriculum and other projects in welcoming newcomers and small dinner groups.


We built our home and moved to Pass Christian two years ago, drawn to the area to be closer to our New Orleans/Chalmette family.  Cruising the Coast sealed the deal for Douglas!  We love the familial atmosphere at Trinity and the simplicity of the church building.  The energy and forward-thinking outlook at Trinity are refreshing for a Parish of our size and I am excited to be a part of it.'

Sue Gavin Pic 2020.jpg

Robert E. "Ned" Dolese


Ned Dolese was the President and one of the founders of Coastal American Insurance Company, a regional property and casualty insurance company providing homeowner’s insurance, headquartered in Gulfport, MS.  Coastal American began operations in 2010 and has grown to become on the largest writers of homeowner’s insurance which includes the peril of wind along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  In 2016, Coastal American became one of the first Insurance Companies in America to cover the peril of flood as an endorsement on their homeowner’s policy.    Continuing the trend established with the flood endorsement in providing multiple coverages under a single form, Mr. Dolese implemented a builder’s risk endorsement which offers broader coverages in a single policy on a multiple year basis. 
While at Coastal American, Mr. Dolese was responsible for the placement of reinsurance coverage for the company.   This included overseeing the processes of pricing, modeling and placement of CAT as well as Facultative Coverage in the London as well as Bermuda markets.
Ned Dolese has extensive experience in various lines of insurance including life, health, disability and annuity lines.  He was previously Chairman and CEO of a regional life insurance company from 1997 through 2003.   Through acquisitions of other insurance operations, as well as product innovations, the company expanded into a significant presence in its market space. 
He currently resides in Long Beach, MS.  He is the father of three children, Robert, a Senior @ L.S.U., a son Thomas who is currently attending Mississippi State University and Caroline who is in the 12’Th grade at St. Josephs Academy in Baton Rouge, LA    His hobbies include fishing and golfing.

Robert E. "Ned" Dolese
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Sydney Lehmann

~ Vestry Clerk ~


I grew up in New Orleans however my family like so many New Orleans families had summer homes on the Gulf Coast. It was when we were at our beach home during the summer that I first attended Trinity Church in the Pass. Following college moved to the Washington DC area and North Carolina. While there enjoyed volunteer work and raising my children. Since we knew we were going to retire to the Gulf Coast we decided to relocate back home for the children to attend one high school.. We moved

back to the Pass where our children attended Coast Episcopal High School. I retired from a career in the Maritime industry, giving me the time to enjoy my hobby of breeding and handling champion Shih Tzu's. Today I enjoy traveling, reading, working in our yard and spending time with my husband and our wonderfully talented grandchildren..

Sydney Adair.jpg
Sidney Lehmann

Vestry clerk

annual council


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